New Survey Assessing Risks from AI

Ready Research/UQ conducted a representative survey of Australian adults to understand public perceptions of AI risks and support for AI governance actions in Australia.

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AI Governance in Australia

The development and use of AI technologies is accelerating. Across 2022 and 2023, new large-scale models have been announced monthly, and are achieving increasingly complex and general tasks; this trend continues in 2024 with Google DeepMind Gemini, OpenAI Sora, and others. Experts in AI forecast that development of powerful AI models could lead to radical changes in wealth, health, and power on a scale comparable to the nuclear and industrial revolutions.

Addressing the risks and harms from these changes requires effective AI governance: forming robust norms, policies, laws, processes and institutions to guide good decision-making about AI development, deployment and use. Effective governance is especially crucial for managing extreme or catastrophic risks from AI that are high impact and uncertain, such as harm from misuse, accident or loss of control.

International organisations and projects focused on AI governance

Centre for the Governance of AI: This organisation conducts and convenes research dedicated to helping humanity navigate the transition to a world with advanced AI

BlueDot Impact: AI Safety Fundamentals: This project, AI Safety Fundamentals by BlueDot Impact, is a 12 week online course providing foundational knowledge for understanding the challenges of AI, and promising governance approaches to address those challenges.

The Institute for AI Policy and Strategy: this organisation is focused on understanding and managing risks from advanced AI systems, with a focus on AI policy and standards; compute governance; and international governance.

Legal Priorities Project: This project is focused on researching and advising on the legal and regulatory challenges posed by AI.

Australian organisations and projects focused on AI governance

Human Technology Institute: This institute, based at the University of Technology Sydney, conducts applied research and consulting to support corporate and government decision-making about AI.

Centre for AI and Digital Ethics: This institute, based at the University of Melbourne, teaches and researches in the area of ethical, technical, regulatory, and legal issues relevant to AI.

Gradient Institute: This Sydney-based independent institute conducts applied research and consulting to improve the safety, ethics, accountability and transparency of AI systems


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